goggomobil dart limousine coupe cabriolet c-350 buckle

 This website shows how i'm going to rebuild a Goggomobil Dart with old and new parts.

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goggomobil buckle coupe cabriolet
My Buckle Coupe Convertible
Goggomobil C-350
My Goggomobil C-350

Barnfind On the road Cutting lose the of the body work Body work comes lose The driving chassis
New chassis parts Chassic striped complete New parts welded in New parts welded in The Dart body pickup
 March 28th 2008
Front Dart body Back Dart body Parts sandblasted LHD front has to be replaced for
a RHD model
Bore out the spotweldings 
Finish the boring Original Dart Seat.
Thanks Anne!
Who can help me with a picture
of the mouting to the chassis
New RHD front drawing.
Thanks Martyn !! This will help
a lot !! 
Front chassis rebuilding Weld in some new parts of metal
New parts Cleaning the 400cc Bing carburator RHD front just picked up
at Lasercutter
Old LHD front and new RHD front Remove the old rusty LHD front
Special Goggomobil Dart Parts Goggomobil Dart
Both fronts and other parts Conversion LHDto RHD
brakecilinder holder
Weld in front and right seat
bottom section.
Great week !! got a lot of special
Dart parts. 26th june 2008
Left side chassis with inside channel
spotwelded in.
Goggomobil Dart Goggomobil Dart Goggomobil Dart Floorplan
RHD paddle assembly conversion  July 7th 2008  Inside the tunnel Cluch cable leader Front panels floorplan welded in
Goggomobil Dart Goggo Dart Goggomobile Dart Goggomobil Dart Goggomobil Dart
The Dart body fits the chassis First fit on the chassis Strengthbar welded in sidebar Whishbone mouths welded in Paddle assembly is finished
Goggomobil Dart Goggomobile Dart 50th aniversery Goggomobil Goggomobil 400cc engine Goggomobil T-350
Handbrake lever is moved
backwards 17 cm
Shift stick area is moved
Great presents from Australia.
Thanks Bill and David !
The 400cc waiting for
My Goggomobil C-350
Build in licence in Spain at Mungia
with 350cc engine !!
Goggo Dart Brass windscreen surround Gogomobile Dart Goggomobil Dart head brake cilinder Goggomobil Dart Goggomobil windscreen surround brass Dart
Today some progress in the
Brass windscreen surround
The fibreglass hood piece Fit the brass windscreen surround Fitting RHD steering rack
and head break cylinder
Brass windscreen surround
fitts the window and is
ready for chrome
Goggomobil Special tools Motor standaard Goggomobil Goggomobil bearing tools goggo Dart New bearings Goggomobil Dart engine 400cc
Goggomobil Special tools Motor overhaul standard Bearing press tool new 6006 2z bearings 400cc Donor engine 
Centering the Goggomobil Dart body on Chassis  Goggomobil Dart new wheel arces  Goggomobil Dart seat mechanism  Metal Goggomobil Dart fueltank  Goggomobil Dart suspension front
Centering the Goggomobil Dart body
on Chassis 
Goggomobil Dart
new wheel arces 
Goggomobil Dart seat
mechanism reproduction
Conversion of the metal Limousine
fueltank to fitt the Dart
Goggomobil Dart suspension front
Goggomobil Dart suspension rear        
Goggomobil Dart suspension rear        
      Goggomobil Dart